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A Mississippi cocaine drug rehabilitation program should offer substance abuse treatment that addresses the physical and psychological components of a cocaine addiction problem. Many people from Mississippi who have experimented with cocaine for the first time have reported that they immediately developed a powerful craving for the drug, because of the powerful "rush" that they experienced. Many of these users will continue to reach repetitively for that same type of euphoric feeling, which will eventually result in an addiction to the powerful stimulant; it is at this point, that the person will need the professional assistance of a Mississippi cocaine drug rehab center, to help them to overcome their addiction to this highly addictive drug.

Cocaine is a stimulant that is a crystalline powder that closely resembles powdered sugar; this drug is often "cut" and combined with other substances that look like cocaine, such as talcum powder, or with various other types of drugs. Cocaine has a variety of different street names that may include freebase, coke, snow flake, and blow; additionally, "crack" is the street name that refers to cocaine that has been processed in order to make a rock crystal, which, upon being heated, produces vapors that are smoked.

The methods that are most commonly used to ingest cocaine include snorting, injecting, or smoking the highly addictive drug, as in the form of crack cocaine; regardless of which method of ingestion is used; cocaine use has been reported to cause numerous health problems, and can potentially result in death. The compulsive desire to use cocaine has been reported to develop much more rapidly when the drug is being smoked, as in the form of crack cocaine; consequently, Mississippi cocaine drug treatment centers have reported that they are seeing higher numbers of people that are seeking treatment for "crack" cocaine addiction, over the past several years.

Cocaine use generally stimulates the central nervous system, often creating a feeling of extreme euphoria; thus individuals from Mississippi, who use the drug on a regular basis, will often crave the drug because of the powerful "rush" that it produces. Many people have reported that cocaine also produces a heightened effect on many of their senses and that the need for sleep is noticeably reduced. Because cocaine has often been reported to be one of the most powerfully addictive drugs that are abused, Mississippi cocaine drug treatment facilities have treated a great number of individuals who have struggled with an addiction to this drug.

An individual in Mississippi that is using cocaine may also exhibit symptoms such as frequent mood swings, anxiety attacks, bizarre behavior, nose bleeds, extreme irritability, job loss, and relationship problems at home and on the job. Once it has been determined that a person is struggling with a cocaine addiction problem, the most positive step that a friend or family member can take is to encourage the individual to seek the assistance of a quality Mississippi cocaine drug rehab program.

Cocaine users in Mississippi who snort the drug will often develop chronic nasal congestion, experience bleeding nose cartilage, and will develop extensive and sometimes permanent damage to the mucous membrane of the nose; additionally, long term cocaine snorting can cause ulceration of the mucous membrane of the nose and has the potential to cause such extensive damage to the nasal septum that it could eventually collapse completely. In order to avoid some of these serious physical side effects that have been directly linked to the use of this powerful and highly addictive stimulant, an individual should seek out a Mississippi cocaine drug rehabilitation facility, for immediate professional assistance.

Cocaine users in Mississippi who inject the drug are at a high risk for contracting diseases such as HIV and hepatitis; additionally, women who are pregnant and ingest cocaine are reported to be much more susceptible to the incident of miscarriages. The reason that is vital for a pregnant woman who is addicted to cocaine to be admitted to a quality Mississippi cocaine drug rehabilitation center, is to be able to avoid many of the damaging effects to the fetus that have been reported to occur with the use of this highly addictive drug.

It is also common for cocaine users in Mississippi to experience extreme bouts with insomnia and a noticeable decrease in appetite, which may be accompanied by dramatic weight loss; additionally, cocaine use often causes a person's blood vessels to constrict, creating an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which could lead to a potentially fatal heart attack. Cocaine use also has been reported numerous other negative physical side effects, such as irregular heartbeat, lung disease, irreversible brain damage, respiratory failure, seizures, and in rare instances, death; to avoid these potentially deadly side effects of cocaine use, an individual should reach out for the assistance of a Mississippi drug rehab program that has had a high rate of success in treating individuals for cocaine addiction.

A quality Mississippi cocaine drug rehab can help an individual that is currently struggling with a cocaine addiction to finally be free from the grip of this powerful stimulant. The first aspect of the addict's substance abuse problem that drug rehab professionals should consider is the length of the individual's cocaine addiction; for the large majority of long term cocaine users, a Mississippi residential cocaine drug rehab center is by far the best possible option for the most optimal results in regard to long term cocaine addiction recovery. Very few individuals that have developed a serious long term cocaine addiction can enter a modest, Mississippi out-patient cocaine drug rehab program and do well within that system.

While Mississippi cocaine drug rehab methods may vary, cocaine addiction treatment paths will often go through similar stages, with the initial step being the detoxification process. Once the cocaine detox and withdrawal has successfully been completed, an individual can then begin a directed, Mississippi cocaine drug treatment center that will address the individual's psychological dependency to the drug. At a quality Mississippi cocaine drug treatment program, the treatment components may include counseling and behavioral therapies, drug relapse prevention education classes, and an adequate level of aftercare treatment.

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